Finally, after 7 weeks of the course, we are approaching the date when we have to make a decision about our blogs. The last counts will be made soon and after that it is up to you to decide the fate of your blogs. What is a blog if not a conversation between people, both known and unknown? In a physical, off-line world blogging would be similar to gathering together with friends and strangers, on the regular basis, listening to what the hosts have to say, talking and planning the next meeting.

To stop these gatherings would mean that the conversation stops at this particular place but it will, most probably, go on at other, different locations and among different groups of people. What I mean is that any conversation that has happened once leaves traces in people’s souls and mind; it has a life of its own. It has accumulated a certain energy that cannot just disappear but can be transformed into another form.

All that means that, irrespective of what you do with your conversations, they will live further in one way or another. Either you keep them going or somebody else will take care of them. So the actual question is: do I care so much about my conversation with the readers that I want to be an active part of it? If yes, I stay in this room. If not, I let others take over. Both ways are possible and the choice is yours.